Impedance/Resistance Adapters
Innovation at its finest.

The best solution is a wireless one. The shorter the wire distance the less hindered the audio signal becomes.
Taking that into account we designed resistance adapters which use no wire at all. Unnecessary wire will
degrade the audio signal and can also get in the way. This led APureSound to create a single connector
design instead of the traditional method. We feel this is the best possible method for using resistance adapters,
which is a crucial item for many people using IEM's with portable amps. These adapters also help other low
impedance headphones which may have a hiss when running directly from the source or even an amp.

We at APureSound know most portable gear goes through more abuse than any other audio gear on the market.
This was a very important factor for us and led us to use a very durable metal adapter body which can take a
lot of abuse. We use high grade hand matched resistors for each adapter to provide the best sound possible
without any sort of channel imbalance which can be caused by poorly or improperly matched resistors. Cardas
Quad Eutectic solder is used to achieve the best possible contact between the resistors and the connection.

APureSound heatshrink will be added to the cable as a brand of authenticity.

Mini to Mini
(75ohm or 120ohm)
Mini to 1/4in
(75ohm or 120ohm)
$45 $55
Custom resistance (add $15) Custom resistance (add $15)
Adapter without resistors (remove $5)

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Mini to Mini

Mini to 1/4in

1/4 to Mini adapters are currently in the design and we hope to add them to current lineup of adapters soon.

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