Upgrade Power Cables
Pure power.

People upgrade their IC cables between their source and their amp and have their headphones recabled to get
the most possible out of their audio system. For some reason many forget and tend to neglect a very important
part of their audio setup. The power running into the source and amp is very important. The cleaner the power
running into the system the better possible sound the system is able to produce. At APureSound we understand
how important it is to have clean power running into your source and amp. We designed this amazing upgrade
power cable at a reasonable price to provide your source and amp with clean power and a perfect connection.

The cable is constructed of very high grade silver plated copper wire (75% silver, 25% copper) covered in 2 thick
layers of Teflon to protect from oxidation (humidity and air) and help insulate the wire and protect the wire from
damage. The wires are twisted in such a way that it will help protect from EMI interference and other unwanted
outside interferences from entering the cable. The wire is then covered in a black nylon for additional protection.
The Cotton/Carbon cable model has additional cotton insulation for each wire to significantly lower the level of
capacitance. The cotton insulated wire is twisted in the same method as above then covered in carbon sleeving.

Below you can see the possible options of available sleeving colors for the upgrade power cable.


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APureSound heatshrink will be added to the cable as a brand of authenticity.

Length Black Cotton/Carbon
1ft $140 $190
2ft $150 $200
3ft $160 $210
4ft $170 $220
5ft $180 $230
6ft $190 $240
7ft $200 $250
8ft $210 $260
9ft $220 $270
10ft $230 $280
For each additional foot add $20.

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Custom colors and connectors are available at an additional cost.
Custom length requests, including non-exact feet lengths, are available upon request at scaled normal cost.
The wire was designed by and specially manufactured for APureSound and is not available anywhere else.

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