Line Out Dock Cables
Connecting you portably.

We created an amazing sounding LOD cable for your portable setup. Throughout the entire design process we
kept the sound quality as the number one priority, but never forgot about the fact that this cable must be very
comfortable to use with any portable device. The perfect length we came up with for the LOD is right under 5in
tip to tip. This gives you the ability to achieve a very compact portable setup by stacking the source and amp.

The cable consists of very high grade silver plated copper wire (75% silver, 25% copper) covered in 2 thin layers
of Kapton to protect from oxidation (humidity and air) then in a thicker layer of Teflon to help insulate the wire
and protect the wire from damage. The wires are twisted together and shielded using a silver shield to help
protect from EMI interference and other unwanted outside interferences from entering the cable. Cardas Quad
Eutectic solder is used to achieve the best possible contact between the wire and the connection.

Below you can see the possible options of available sleeving colors for the line out dock cables.



Cotton / Carbon:

APureSound heatshrink will be added to the cable as a brand of authenticity.

Length iPod LOD Creative Zen Vision M LOD iAudio LOD
5in $75 $85 $75
1ft $95 $105 $95
Options: Black or White iPod/Creative Connector (iAudio is only Black)
Neutrik 1/8in plug
Switchcraft 1/8in plug (add $5)
Switchcraft Right Angle 1/8in plug (add $15)
Cotton/Carbon Insulation (add $20)

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iPod / Creative


Custom length requests, including non-exact feet lengths, are available upon request at scaled normal cost.
The wire was designed by and specially manufactured for APureSound and is not available anywhere else.

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