HiFiMAN HE-5 + APureSound V3
Super sale!

This headphone needs no introduction. Having been released late 2009 this headphone has taken the audiophile community by storm and with a good reason. The HE-5 is regarded as one of the best headphones available today, but at a very reasonable price. We were so impressed with the sound reproduction and quality of this headphone that we will now keep them in stock. Our only issue was with the stock cable in regards to design, construction, and materials used. These are now on super sale. Supplies are limited.

Headphone Specifications:
Wooden Housing
Planar Magnetic Driver
Frequency Response: 10 Hz to 60 KHz
Sensitivity: 87 dB, 1 mW
Impedance: 25 Ohms
Weight: 450g (without cable)
Detachable Cable
Removable Velvet Ear Cushions

More information on the V3 cable is available HERE.

This headphone carries a full 3 year warranty through the manufacturer.

The prices below include the cost of the HiFiMAN HE-5 headphone along with the APureSound V3 cable.
No stock cable is included so that we can offer you additional savings.

Length HE-5 Headphone + V3 Cable
HE-5 Headphone + V3 Balanced
1ft $612 $644
2ft $620 $652
3ft $628 $660
4ft $636 $668
5ft $644 $676
6ft $652 $684
7ft $660 $692
8ft $668 $700
9ft $676 $708
10ft $684 $716
Options: Neutrik 1/4in plug
Switchcraft 1/8in plug
Neutrik 4pin XLR plug
Furutech 1/4in plug (add $16)
Super Nylon (add $32 (up to 10ft) or $64 (up to 20ft))
Neutrik (2) 3pin XLR
APureSound Bare Wire
APureSound Banana plug
APureSound Spade plug
Furutech FP701M (2) 3pin XLR (add $32)
Furutech FP601M Rhodium (2) 3pin XLR (add $120)
Furutech CF601M Rhodium (2) 3pin XLR (add $200)
Super Nylon (add $32 (up to 10ft) or $64 (up to 20ft))
For each additional foot add $12.

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Custom colors and connectors are available at an additional cost.
Custom length requests, including non-exact feet lengths, are available upon request at scaled normal cost.
The wire was designed by and specially manufactured for APureSound and is not available anywhere else.

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