HiFiMAN HE-5LE + APureSound V3
The ultimate combination.

Everyone already knows the HE-5 headphone. This is the newer model which provides a slightly different sound. Overall a fantastic headphone in both sound and build quality. As with the HE-5 our only issue with the HE-5LE is with the stock cable in regards to design, construction, and materials used. Combining the HE-5LE headphone with the APureSound V3 cable makes it the best headphone available for purchase today.

Headphone Specifications:
Planar Magnetic Driver
Frequency Response: 10 Hz to 60 KHz
Sensitivity: 87.5 dB, 1 mW
Impedance: 38 Ohms
Weight: 402g (without cable)
Detachable Cable
Removable Velvet Ear Cushions

More information on the V3 cable is available HERE.

This headphone carries a full 3 year warranty through the manufacturer.

The prices below include the cost of the HiFiMAN HE-5LE headphone along with the APureSound V3 cable.
No stock cable is included so that we can offer you additional savings.

Length HE-5LE Headphone + V3 Cable
HE-5LE Headphone + V3 Balanced
1ft $769 $801
2ft $777 $809
3ft $785 $817
4ft $793 $825
5ft $801 $833
6ft $809 $841
7ft $817 $849
8ft $825 $857
9ft $833 $865
10ft $841 $873
Options: Neutrik 1/4in plug
Switchcraft 1/8in plug
Neutrik 4pin XLR plug
Furutech 1/4in plug (add $16)
Super Nylon (add $32 (up to 10ft) or $64 (up to 20ft))
Neutrik (2) 3pin XLR
APureSound Bare Wire
APureSound Banana plug
APureSound Spade plug
Furutech FP701M (2) 3pin XLR (add $32)
Furutech FP601M Rhodium (2) 3pin XLR (add $120)
Furutech CF601M Rhodium (2) 3pin XLR (add $200)
Super Nylon (add $32 (up to 10ft) or $64 (up to 20ft))
For each additional foot add $12.

Photo Gallery
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Custom colors and connectors are available at an additional cost.
Custom length requests, including non-exact feet lengths, are available upon request at scaled normal cost.
The wire was designed by and specially manufactured for APureSound and is not available anywhere else.

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