Etymotic ER4 Upgrade Cables
The ultimate in IEM's.

After many years of Etymotic manufacturing the ER4's, and many new IEM's coming out since then, the ER4 is
still considered one of the best if not the best IEM ear phone out there without custom molds. Having used the
ER4's for many years, we decided to upgrade upon the biggest flaw these IEM's have. The stock cable feels very
bulky, uses very thin wire, is spliced throughout the entire cable, and offers no over the ear option which is crucial
for many. Taking all of this into account we offer you the ultimate upgrade available for these amazing IEM's.

The ER4 cable is constructed of high grade copper wire. The wires are braided in a Litz Braid configuration to
help remove any noise that may try to interfere with the sound. This also helps keep the cable secure and
flexible without the need of sleeving or heatshrink. For this reason, no heatshrink or sleeving is used on the
cable to keep it as flexible and free of microphonics as possible. When used around the ear the microphonics
are removed completely. Unlike the stock cable, the APureSound ER4 upgrade cable does not have any
splicing within the wire. This leaves the signal un-disrupted as it runs through the cable and into the ER4's.
We use high grade resistors which are hand matched for the ER4 P or S cable. Cardas Quad Eutectic solder
is used to achieve the best possible contact between the wire and the connection.

APureSound heatshrink will be added to the cable as a brand of authenticity.

Length ER4 P / S Cable
1ft $160
2ft $170
3ft $180
4ft $190
5ft $200
6ft $210
7ft $220
8ft $230
9ft $240
10ft $250
Options: Black/Red ER4
Neutrik 1/8in plug
Neutrik 1/4in plug (add $5)
Switchcraft 1/8in plug (add $5)
Switchcraft Right Angle 1/8in (add $15)
Custom resistance (add $15)
Blue/Red ER4 (add $15)
Blackout ER4 (add $15)
All prices above include cable installation if needed. For each additional foot add $15.

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Blackout ER4

Custom length requests, including non-exact feet lengths, are available upon request at scaled normal cost.
The wire was designed by and specially manufactured for APureSound and is not available anywhere else.

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