Electrostatic Headphone Modifications, Recable Options, and Adapter Cables
High voltage. High clarity.

Electrostatic headphones have been around for many years, but are not very common. Most of the great
electrostatic headphones have now been discontinued, but those who own them refuse to sell them because of
how well they reproduce music. Having no standard in termination type has greatly limited these headphones.
APureSound offers many different modifications, recable options, and adapter cables to suit the needs of our
customers by removing the limits and allowing the headphones to be used with many different amplifiers.

Retermination / Replug
We offer a retermination for all none 5pin Pro style headphones. We use a high quality custom 5pin Pro plug
which uses silver pins for the best possible sound. The headphones are then taken apart and cleaned free from
dirt and dust which has built up throughout the year from static electricity which will degrade sound reproduction.
With the Koss ESP950 we remove the foam covering to further enhance the sound giving them greater detail.

APureSound heatshrink will be added to the cable as a brand of authenticity.

(X Headphone Listed Below)
X to 5pin Pro 5pin Pro to X Replug to 5pin Pro
Sennheiser HE90 Contact Us Contact Us $190
Sennheiser HE60 Contact Us Contact Us $150
Koss ESP950 $140 $120 $150
Stax SR001 $120 N/A $140
Options: N/A 5pin Pro to X (add $25)
Please contact us directly for a custom order or modification to an electrostatic headphone.

Photo Gallery
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HE60 Replug

HE60 to 5pin Pro

5pin Pro to HE60

ESP950 Recable

5pin Pro to ESP950

SR001 to 5pin Pro

Some connectors are designed and manufactured by APureSound and are not available anywhere else.

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