PPAS (PPA v1.0 - SMD) Information Page.


ATTN- Looking for Beta Testers… help us make the PPAS better!

(6/5/06) - Preliminary Bill of Materials Done.

(6/5/06) - Discrete Buffer board done.

(6/3/06) - PPAS Board finalized.

(6/1/06) - Group Buy for PCB in progress

(6/1/06) - PCB Development finalized.


Non-beginner DIY amp that balances the sound signature and quality of PPA with portability…



- Costs as much as a MINT… ($50.. cheapeast)

- 3 Channel differential Topology - Buffered.

- JFET- Isolated opamp rails a-la PPA.

- Option for fully discrete buffer stage.




-         This board is nearly 100% surface mount, this should NOT be a first project

-         This amp inherits all the benefits and drawbacks of the PPA, if you don’t like PPA sound signature, don’t build the PPAS.


·       Bill of Materials.

NB - Contact Me for Boards and Hard-to-find parts.


·       Board Artwork (top / bottom).


·       (NEW!)  Discrete Buffer Daughterboard.


·       (NEW!) Pictures.


·       Schematic


·       Circuit Explanation /Parts Recommendations.


·       Build Instructions. (coming soon)


A List of Builders…

If you can’t build it, there are a few people who can build it on Head-fi forums.


-         DieInAFire.. Primary prototyper for this project.. also builds PINTs.

-         [AK]Zip .. Zero failure rate with the PINT.


(Contact me if you’re a builder and you do PPAS).


Contact Me.